Monday, June 18, 2007

June 19 ~ Hike above Leysin

Today we "slept in" and had breakfast at 9, instead of 7 or 8 as usual. We left on foot from the hotel towards the mountains behind here. The hike was beautiful and took a few hours to get up to a glacial lake (reminded me of some of the copper basin lakes, check out the video of me shoe-skiing on the glacier).

glacial shoe-skiing

From the lake, 5 of us decided to head up to the peak. Our guide didn't feel comfy taking all 25 participants up it, as it got a bit technical, but gave us the green light. It was definitely worth the extra hiking and provided some great photos. We could see Lake Geneva, mountains in Italy, and mountains in France. Not a bad view eh?

Leysin is at about 1250 meters, while the peak we ended up on is about 2500. So the 1000 meter increase wasn't easy, but thankfully I was in decent shape and was able to make it without any heart attacks or aneurysms.

So, today was a nice change in scenery, and provided a new and very breathtaking view of the Leysin area.

On the Peak of Mayen
(more info on Mayen here)
Midhike Group Shot
Mayen Self Portrait
Snail along the Trail

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