Monday, June 4, 2007

June 2 ~ Sion

June 2nd, we hit Sion. There, we found the Valere Basillica. In which, I was able to see and hear the world's oldest playing organ in the world. This may not sound like much to the non-musician, but as a person with a couple of family members who are good at tickling the ol' ivories, it made me think of them and how much they'd appreicate it. So, I guess that appreciation bled thru to me. We also hiked a castle's ruins (which was my first castle experience ever), checked out a rock where Druid sacrifices were offered (also a first) and hit the city's streets for a music and art festival, which was great. We found this band performing in the street, and listened for awhile. After a couple songs, I realized they were doing purely Hip-Hop covers in a ska/jazz/rock style. Really fun to listen to the French speaking singer struggle to try to get the English right. He did some Beastie Boys, Sublime, and what I think was a French version of some Cyprus Hill. Very unique indeed.
(old organ photo below)

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