Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22 ~ Athens to Aegina

This morning we met our transfer driver in front of the hotel at 7. Boat ride went fine. We arrived in Aegina at about 9. We walked around, found the restaurant where our lunch reservation was, then decided to rent some scooters. They were only 15 euro for the whole day. We decided to get a couple, so it'd be 2 to a scooter. Nate shared with his wife, obviously, so me and Spence shared as well. Check this out. Self portrait while we were cruising.

Cruising along the coast, we made it around the whole island in about 45 minutes. We bought some snorkel gear, and wanted to swim a bunch. Here's our group snorkel photo. Nate's wife has been awesome to hang with, and is handling the whole 3-on-1 guy vs. girl challenge like a champ. Here's my customary self-portrait scuba shot. The water was very warm, no shivers whatsoever. We had fun going out from the shore, looking around at the fish, occassionally diving for shells. Sometimes it got pretty deep and really eerie feeling. The ocean just turned into this big gray-blue wall at one point, which made it time to turn around. I love how easy it is to float around with your head in the water in this salt water. The scuba idea was brilliant (suggested by our travel agent friend we found here).

So, after the island, we took a speedboat back to mainland, where we had reservations for our dinner again. Our table was on the rooftop of a restaurant just downhill from the Acropolis. This was literally a shot from the table as we sat and ate. There have been so many times during this trip that I've said, this is the perfect place to be with a girlfriend/wife. The streets, the music, the restaurants, the views, all have a very romantic feeling to them. I guess that's another reason to get going on that whole wife thing, eh?

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