Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 10 ~ Montreux

So today we hit a branch in Sion. One of our first days here we were in this city. It was where I saw my first castle, went to the street fest and saw that cool cover band in the streets.

While there the first time, last week, I took an hour or so for myself and wandered around the streets. Those private times seem to be the most rewarding. One of the drawbacks to this being such a large group (usually about 40 of us) is that you stick out even more like a sore thumb than the average tourist. So, breaking off is fun, because it feels like a little more of an authentic European experience. Anyhoo, while off on my own in Sion, I saw the missionaries walking down the street. After serving a mission of my own, I'd promised myself that anytime I'm far away from SLC and see the missionaries, I'll stop to talk to them, just because I understand how nice it is for them to see a face that has some familiarity (in a roundabout way). So, I saw the Elders in Sion and talked for awhile. Today, in Sion, it ends up they were at our branch as well. They were both really cool and were Americans. One from South Carolina, and the other from California. Still waiting to meet some from I.F. so I can play the do-you-know game.

So after Sion, we went up the lake to a town called Montreaux. The town is gorgeous, with shops running for miles up and down the lake's edge. It stays true with the rest of Switzerland in its cleanliness, feeling of tranquility and beauty. There was a group of about 6 of us who went on our own, as this afternoon was a free day. It feels a lot better to wander on our own, without the group, taking our own trains and being much more independent.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we went to the dock at Freddy Mercury's statue. It was a hot day, but I still had reservations about jumping in the lake. After all, the towering alps are visibile and still have enough snow to ski on. So I was picturing a Jackson Hole Snake River rafting temperature, which isn't the most relaxing temp. But, after some self-convincing I took the plunge. The water was more like the Snake in I.F. in July, so it was bearable by all means and quite refreshing. After a few jumps, I filmed this: (give it a bit to load, it's about 16 megs)

Montreux Dock

Also, just before jumping the dock we hit up Mc'Donalds (photo below). We just wanted to make sure we cramped up nice and good while swimming. The prices here are about double what they are in the states. Not sure why. But, I figured I would regret not trying Mc'Ds in Europe. (Don't worry, that'll be the only time I'll eat there while in Switzerland; There's too much good food here to mess around with American fast food)

Tomorrow is Lausanne. We are stoked because our own exhibition of Olympic torches will be on display at the Olympic museum (link). For those who are out of the loop, I'll explain our torch assignment tomorrow or shortly thereafter. Later.


AT said...

Sweet flip off of the dock... unfortunately Zach did not properly calculate water depth on his own flip experience. He'll have to tell you about the smooth move that landed him in the ER. He's supposedly ok now, but on some pretty sweet pain meds :-P - AT

logan said...

Wow - I am not sure which you desecrated more - Freddie Mercury or the entire land of Swiss.

Did you get the cops called on you? Did anyone politely ask you to leave (and then flash a "piece" stuck under their arm)?

I'm tellin ya - there are more guns there than you think...

Layne T said...

Nah, the dock is there for swimming etc. The railing is missing to encourage you to jump. They're all up and down the lake's shore.

I read that about the firearms... You'd never know it. They do a pretty good job of keeping that false sense of pascifism.