Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 13 ~ Gruyeres

Next stop was Gruyeres, like the cheese (pronounce Gwee-air). This is where the famous cheese originated and is still made to this day. (Mom, is this the kind that we put in our fondue? It tastes like it.) We hit a cheese factory and got taste tests afterwards. It was really good cheese.

We were also able to hit the Caillers Chocolate factory. It was the third chocolate factory in the world, and the first in Switzerland. I believe they're owned by Nestle. So we checked out the factory, and were able to taste almost all of the flavors they make. There were just rows and rows of at least 30 types of chocolate out on the counter for us to try, as much as we wanted. I literally saw chicks throwing the stuff into their purses. It was crazy (photo below). Unfortunately, I'm not a chocolate lover, so I had 3 pieces. Milk chocolate of course. Oh yeah, this reminds me...

***all of those who want me to bring chocolate back for them, email me and let me know how much you want and what kind (they have everything here). This is your reward for reading this blog. If you want more than a handful, let me know. I have lots of room in my luggage and you can reimburse me if it's a substantial amount. Again, my email is layne dot turner at gmail dot com. moving on***

After the cheese and chocolate factories (the old stomach wasn't feelin too hot, so I kinda skipped lunch), we hiked up the hill in town to the Gruyeres Castle. In the medieval village there was a museum for HR Giger. He won an Academy Award for his art direction in the "Alien" movie. He created the aliens and the "look" for the movie. He lives here in Switzerland and has work all over the country. He does a lot of fine art of all kinds, and the museum is full of it. Nate, this place was right up your alley (photos below).

The castle itself was cool too. Lots of stained glass, great views, bell towers, etc. (photos below) You'll see a photo of the castle tower with 3 people hanging their feet off the edge of the walkway. These are some cool people I've gotten to know on the trip. We spend a lot of time together and get along really well.

So get to me soon on the choco-requests, otherwise you'll go without.

Chocolate Tasting
Giger Sculpture 1
Giger Sculpture 2
Gruyeres Stained Glass
Gruyeres Stained Glass 2
Gruyeres Castle Tower and Friends

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logan said...

Hmmm... What is the going rate of chocolate these days? Does it trade well internationally? At what point would you break even by smuggling some across the border and selling it to your brothers?

I think you have stumbled upon legal heroin. I offer my congrats!